Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Library Dining Room

The dining room above stopped me in my tracks. The blue built-ins complete with sconces, the gorgeous chairs and long table ... and the BOOKS. Oh the books! It's a mash up of so many of my favourite things together in one space. I blogged about this WAY back in 2012, and 4 years later, the library-dining-room is still my favourite double duty space. I would 100% do this if my home had the room for it. It's luxe, it's interesting, and it's cozy. What a conversation-starter at your dinner parties!

I love that this concept can take on a very formal and traditional feel, or a very contemporary and clean look. Here are some examples of that (and everything in between!):

There is a lot to love about this look. I am obsessed with books, and you have to admit that they are adding such amazing color, texture, and interest to these rooms. With picture lights or sconces hung it also creates layered and intimate lighting. In Europe, where apartment spaces are tight, this is a norm for the sake of space saving. But I'd like to think it's more than just a space saver - the library dining room gives an air of sophistication and luxury! Would you include a library dining room in your home if you could?


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trendspotting | Interior Design Show Vancouver 2016

This past week was design week in my city, and I always enjoy being able to attend IDSvancouver and hone in on what's to come next in the design and décor world. I saw several common threads in the exhibits this year, and I'm happy to give you a peek into some of the upcoming trends, as well as those continuing from recent years. Above you can see a snapshot of my favorite installation of the week, a stunning Dinner by Design tablescape created by Stephanie Brown. I just was captivated by the oversized trio of pendants from Once A Tree Furniture, and the mixture of textured moss, warm brass and cool stone.

I included the shot above from Stephanie's IG account, as it shows off the Kelly Wearstler Halcyon round sconce with natural quartz stone. The brass in the stools, lighting, and flatware perfectly compliments the sconce quartz and marble place settings. Wouldn't you love to attend a dinner party here?

I quickly came to realize that living walls, preserved moss, and plant installations were utilized in at least half a dozen of the exhibits. Take note, natural green is in!

What does this mean for those of us that don't have the room for a giant living plant wall in our home? Well, I took from it that the textures are incredible - I now know I NEED a set of preserved moss rocks to display in my entry way vignette! Translating big ideas like this into workable ones for your own home is just like taking the artistic fashions off the runway and tweaking their design into something that will work for daily living.

left unknown source | right via Lonny

Another example of brass & marble in a heavenly combo - the Arteriors lamp below as displayed by Ocean Pacific Lighting:

Loved everything about their display! You can never go wrong using classic fixtures, and finishes like this convex mirror:

Brass vintage-style bath fixtures are still going strong, I don't think you have to shy away from this finish any time soon:

And matte black kitchen and bath fixtures are the newer player in the game, we've seen them begin to crop up in the past couple of years:

I loved the gold decals at Urban Walls! Just imagine these palm leaves on a black wall in a powder room - yum! And the pink oversized florals were so eye catching:

Speaking of pink and florals, this was another very refreshing Dinner by Design installation, the hanging sculpture casted the most amazing shadows on the space:

Patricia Gray's artwork was incredible, it's really hard to capture on camera but if you can just imagine these pieces utilize silver leaf and a shiny resin coat, they glittered!

image via Patricia Gray

Oversized abstract art is an amazing addition to any home, here is another piece by Heather Ross, whose open studio also celebrated the release of her book, The Natural Eclectic. She shared with me that she already has plans to transform the massive hand painted drop-cloths from her space into tote bags!

And finally, Once A Tree never disappoints. It was all classic here, and I couldn't get enough of those herringbone floors. Their furnishings are solid pieces you know will never go out of style, and when we are making investments in our furniture pieces, I think 'trendy' definitely isn't the way to go!

image via Catharine Grasty

I'm listing moss, marble, and brass mixed with classic furnishings and original art as my favorite finds in this year's show. That's what I'd personally love to fill my home with. Oh, and throw in those herringbone floors while we're at it! Foliage is in this year, perhaps we can say green is the new black! Any recent trends you have been noticing at trade shows in your area?


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Textbook Tuesday | A House In The Country

Katie Ridder's stunning new release, A House in the Country hits bookstores today. I'm so happy to add this one to my design library, as it's a very unique story and a lovely project to take in. It showcases what is possible when a talented couple (Katie just happens to be married to renowned architect Peter Pennoyer) put their creative minds together, and shares the stunning step by step details of the process of building their dream home. This six-and-a-half acre property in Millbrook New York has been completely transformed into a one of a kind Greek Revival inspired home that looks as though it's always been there (photography by noted photographer Eric Piasecki).

What I love most about this book is the format and the attention to detail. It's organized into three main sections: Exterior, Interior, and Garden. The English cottage appearance of the garden is really what you would imagine you'd find in a fairy tale. The book features a pullout of the garden plan and a comprehensive list of specific flowers and plants included in the flower garden, cutting garden, and woodland section. It sounds magical!

As for the home itself, it seems to me that you can expect an architect or designer's best work to be their own home - and this is such a fine example of that. It didn't all come easy, however. The couple had the challenges of an asbestos-clad rancher on the property, a fetid bog which was converted into a thriving pond, among other things. With all of the details shared about the conception, renderings & elevations, design, decoration, and landscaping, you cannot help but realize this is a heartfelt story about family & creative relationship as much as it is about creating a home.

The interiors are just as you'd expect from Katie; layered, colorful, and luxurious. I love the use of her own Scraffito wallpaper in blue in the entry just below, it's also what covers the book underneath of the dust jacket (now that's detail-oriented!).

As you would imagine, the architecture and the design are completely in sync throughout. There is so much rich color (as you see in the library below), texture, and pattern resulting in a home with utmost personality.

What a stunning property! My only wish after reading the book was that I could see in it person. To purchase a copy head over here, and to see more from Katie Ridder's extensive portfolio head here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Decor Inspiration | The Skirted Table

A skirted table brings instant glamour to any room. We often see the use of these tables in entry ways, hallways, formal dining rooms & reading rooms. And don't forget the bonus hidden storage underneath! There are so may gorgeous examples to glean from:

It seems you can tell that a tailored, structured look with tape trim is definitely in! It adds just the right amount of detailing and highlights shape without being too fussy. I think that tape trim on and octagonal table combined with inverted pleats is what I would choose in my own home. You can also include a bullion fringe to create an even more formal look:

How about as a bedside table? This would be perfect for my guest room!

And as a dining room table is pretty fantastic as well:

You can create a custom look for your home by working with Tonic Living, as featured in this months House & Home magazine, I just love the tape trim detailing on this navy one:

I loved seeing two variants on pleats in this months High or Low in Style at Home magazine, using the same fabric (Buffalo check pattern at $33 a yard) Tonic Living created a skirted table with 3 box pleats for $160 (sewing cost), versus 1 box pleat for $105! So you can see how affordable it would be to get the look if you had a table already, and only had to choose a fabric & sewing, add an inexpensive glass top and voilà! You have a luxe look:

You can also purchase ready-to-go skirted tables from One Kings Lane, as part of the new OKL furniture collection:

Hope I've convinced you that a regal skirted table can truly become an elegant focal point in a room! This is definitely one furnishing that I will be looking to add to my own home in the future, so I'll be tucking away these examples for a future project :)

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