Sunday, June 19, 2011

{happy father's day}

Happy Father's Day! Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday :) I had to share one of my favorite photos of my Dad in his childhood, I just love this picture!  And what's really special is that I got to see this home pictured below for the first time last summer on my trip to Egypt. Shortly after, it was torn down due to large excavation projects currently underway in Luxor. So glad I got to visit my Grandmother's home before it was gone.

If you ask any one that knows him, they'd tell you I have the best Dad EVER!! Happy Father's Day to you Dad, love you so much :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

{canadian design & lifestyle bloggers west}

Had a fabulous weekend full of sunshine, family, and friends! This Saturday the Canadian Design & Lifestyle Bloggers West network met up for lunch in Vancouver, and it truly is exciting to see our numbers grow. If you are a blogger in Western Canada, please hop over to our blog and contact us to recieve more info!

We enjoyed a delightful lunch at the Banana Leaf, and much of our discussion revolved around our event plans coinciding with the IDSWest show in September {29th-October 2nd}, stay tuned and follow along for updates. Sponsors, seminars, and tours are in the works, but one things for sure ... Western Canadian bloggers will be out in full force!

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