Monday, June 18, 2012

{my week in pictures ...}

Happy Monday everyone! We're back at it, and I have to say I'm feeling decently rested after the weekend which isn't typical for me. I thought I'd share bits of what's been happening around here lately:

Well my grad came and went and it was really fun to celebrate with family & friends, here I am in the fancy schmancy get-up we had to wear ...

Nice hat hey? Definitely not the most flattering, but the PhD Regalia actually originated in the monasteries of the Middle Ages, and the 'hood' {draped over my arm in the first photo}was originally part of the monk's habit - a carryall for food or other small items. Funny but kinda cool!

My home is super fragrant right now as it is filled with flowers from family & friends, including some of my favorites like peonies and orchids! I'm praying I can keep the gorgeous orchids alive. Tips anyone?

Little Yoki is getting comfy in our home, she's learning quickly but of course we still have a few things to work on! It's easy to lose patience when you are standing outside in the pouring rain waiting for her to go to the bathroom, but all of her puppy snuggles & kisses make up for it :)

I was excited to be included in an article for the Canadian Press with a Canadian I very much look up to, Michael Penney! The article high-lights the trends in summer fashions and how they translate into your home. You can read it HERE.

Have a great start to your week!

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