Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Textbook Tuesday | Markham Roberts: Notes on Decorating

If you've visited me here for any length of time, you will know that I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile. Fall may be one of my favorite seasons for just that reason, the stunning books which are released (and just in time for gift-giving)! On the top of my list this season is Markham Roberts second tome, 'Notes on Decorating,' published by Vendome Press. Markham Roberts trained with design royalty, under Mark Hampton, affirming his pedigree in the design field. Truly he is called a 'master of timeless American style' for good reason, and this book is a testament to that title. And be sure not to take this book as a mere collection of pretty rooms, his thoughtful and witty explanations include so many lessons to take notes from. 

Without the dust jacket, the texture is incredible! This is the perfect addition to any coffee table both for the outward appearance, and the inward content. Below is a view of the Table of Contents, which shows the unique and thoughtful way the chapters are laid out. Markham begins with his process of deep-diving into the needs of the client the 'Clients Point of View,' and then takes us through other elements such as establishing a 'Sense of Place,' and acknowledging the need for 'Practicality.' The final chapter takes us through one project and walks through all the elements described in the previous chapters to show how they are implemented. Genius!

Here is a peek at some of my favorite pages and projects:

I sincerely love Markham's spaces that utilize an all-over pattern, like the one below with Arbre de Matisse in a fresh light blue colorway:

Chocolate walls never looked so good!

Tabletop inspiration is included as well:

And truly when you being to study his work, you can see the complex mix of antiques, vintage and new pieces are a key component of what makes Markham's spaces sing:

There is so much beauty and careful thought that has gone into 'Notes on Decorating', I am so thankful to have added it to my design library and will surely re-visit the pages often. To add this to your collection or purchase as a gift for the design-savvy friends on your list, hop to Amazon here. You can see more of Markham Roberts inspirational work on his website and instagram accounts as well. 

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