Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our First Custom Holiday Cards

I have to confess that last year in the thick of the baby-stage, I did not send or hand out a single Christmas card. We barely put up our tree and went to see Santa. Sometimes it's just about keeping your head above water, and that's honestly ok! And still, I think our home will not quite be Pinterest-Christmas-worthy this year, BUT what I did decide to get done was our very first custom Christmas cards. I admit to feeling SO organized now that I have these in my hands ready to drop in the mailbox and it isn't even December yet!

We designed our cards this year through Minted, one of my all-time favorite sources for artwork (I have several pieces in my home, my favorite one you can see here). I had never used them for holiday cards before, and the truth is it made everything so easy that I think I'll never be turning back. The step-by-step process is so quick once you have your images ready to upload, the only tough part is selecting a design from the 100's of gorgeous templates, fonts, and colors (this part took me several days to choose)! And Marcus was hamming it up for my camera so I had to choose from the dozens of cute photos of him as well ... there were some GQ moments (left) and then some plain toddler-craziness moments (right):

I love how our cards turned out. I decided on a simple layout which included a little dose of real foil-pressed gold on a classic Christmas-red backdrop to match Marky's vintage style pajamas. And the French phrase! Perfection for our little half-French family. It has that certain je ne sais quoi, non?

And the major LIFE HACK - Minted will save your address book for you so you never have to enter it again. Envelopes arrive with free pre-printed recipient addressing so there is literally nothing left to do but stuff them and send. I chose to leave a message inside the card that is personal enough for family to enjoy reading, but general enough that we could still hand the card out to neighbours and co-workers. One tip that I would encourage you to do is make sure to have every friend or family members' name on your list for the printed envelopes (even if you don't include an address & are not sending it by mail!); it looks so put-together just to have their names printed there. And maybe label one for yourself to keep as a memory with the year printed on it as a keepsake! I think I'll do that next time because I can tell this is going to be a special yearly traditional for us now.

Have you ever tried printed custom holiday cards?

You can receive 15% off Holiday cards with the code BEMERRY until Nov 21!

*A huge thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own.

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