Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{designer profile: phillip mitchell}

One of my favorite things to post about on this blog is the work of designers that I admire most. What makes me even more happy? When the designers are fellow Canadians, I get a little swell of pride that our country is loaded with fabulous design talent. Enter Phillip Mitchell, a Toronto-based designer with sophisticated & elegant style that is right up my alley! Think timeless details like fluting, panelling, antique mixed seamlessly with new, herringbone & marble ... it's like a list of all my favorite things combined ...

Here is a look at some of his work:

Look at that lush path of hydrangeas!

What had me nearly falling out of my chair last week was the video house tour of Phillip's own downtown Toronto apartment on House & Home's web site! When you have a free moment you must click the image below to watch, it's utterly gorgeous.

Here are a few images from the apartment, but if you watch the video you will notice that artwork, light fixtures, furnishings etc. have been changed or moved around {I love to see the changes designers make to their own homes over time}. And the dining room is now sporting a lovely grey-blue coat of high-gloss paint.

Just look at those fabulous details!

I love how details like the fluting on the vanity below are repeated throughout the home {it's all in the details}:

Gosh I just adore every teensy-weensy detail. To see even more of Phillip's wonderful work go here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{10 ideas for your hallway}

The hallway is an often forgotten space, a place where people just rush by without paying attention to their surroundings. Why not take this unused space and create something special and memorable? Here are 10 ideas to do just that ...

Placing wainscotting on the lower half of the walls will break up the long space and create interest. And isn't that grasscloth perfect for adding texture to the above portion?

Don't have the time/money to spend on panelling? In a simple weekend project you could place a strip of chair rail and paint the lower half a contrasting color {huge impact for next to nothing!}:

Repeating the same fixture along the length of the hallway will bring your eyes up, and hanging them down into the space {if height allows} will also break up the space.

What can I say ... now that's a bold statement!

Arches add such fabulous architectural detail, but for those of us who are not in the building stage per se, I've seen this look accomplished using corbels. What a great idea!

Why not stop and rest a while? Also a perfect spot to perch and put on shoes!

If you are blessed to have such large & bright windows in a hallway, adding dramatic drapes emphasizes the height and frames the windows perfectly!

I'd personally love to sport this look in a future home one day, a library within the hallway!

A gallery wall, or any special pieces of artwork for that matter, will be sure to stop guests in their tracks.

A rug will add pattern, carry your eye through the space, soften it & make it cozy!

If there's no space for furniture, but enough for a small vignette, how about a floating shelf? It is less heavy visually and won't appear to take up space.

Have you employed any of these ideas in your own home? Did I miss any that you love? I'd love to hear. I've repeated sconces down my own hall, which is too skinny for furniture ... but I'd love to also add wainscotting in the future!

{dream home at la dolce vita}

Today I am thrilled to be visiting Paloma over at La Dolce Vita where I am sharing a tour of my 'dream home.' If you have the chance, pop over to see what it looks like, I had a blast putting it together! Here's a little peek to entice you. A big thank you to Paloma for having me!!

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