Monday, April 20, 2015

Designer Q&A | Veranda Interiors

Today I am thrilled to share the portfolio of one of my favorite interior designers, Calgary-based Melissa Hryszko of Veranda Interiors.

Her design aesthetic is one that really captivates me and she honestly creates the most luxurious bathrooms and kitchens I've laid eyes on. Melissa perfectly balances textures and shape, masterfully mixes traditional and contemporary design, and utilizes the most stunning monochromatic color palettes. I am a lover of classic finishes like herringbone flooring, marble & millwork; all aspects that Melissa utilizes so well. I recently had the opportunity to interview Melissa and I am excited to share it with you in today's installment of Designer Q&A:

Nancy Marcus: How would you describe your personal style?
Melissa Hryszko: I would say the best way to describe my personal style would be livable elegance. I want our home and every home we build to be inviting and comfortable with a touch of glamour that sets it apart from others around Calgary which can be very cookie cutter and vanilla. 

NM: What do you love most about your career?
MH: For sure the best part of my career so far are the amazing people that I have met through it. I tend to develop strong relationships with all of our clients, we work hand in hand for so long creating their dream home, it really allows people to open up and allow me into the way they live and interact as a family unit or as individuals. On the other side there are some phenomenal designers that I have developed close relationships with through social media. Since I work independently these relationships give me so much personally and professionally, from being able to bounce ideas off of them to being able to vent and complain about that one tiny detail that didn't turn out the way I envisioned...they get it, they get me and vice versa. 

NM: Who has been your greatest professional influence?
MH: Meredith Heron hands down, she is my long lost sassy sister. When I'm having a tough go at something or if I'm doubting what I'm doing she is always there to lend an ear or piece of advise. I value her talent & honesty so much...I know I'm going to get a straight answer and there won't be any sugar coating, plus the banter back and forth via text is always entertaining and a great way to slack off when I should be working. 

NM: Is there a consistent ‘starting point’ you have for each of your rooms, or do you approach every room differently?

MH: Essentially every home starts with the property. On the homes we build on spec, without clients, I can see the home that will be there before I've put  a pencil to paper. That is most likely why my husband, Rob, will not tell me about properties before we have a firm deal on them. 

Once the home is designed and we are ready to start the interiors my first stop is our marble & stone supplier for the countertops. There are only so many slabs available at one time, so I work off the kitchen selection first and build from there with the paint, stain, and other material selections.

NM:  What project are you most proud of?

MH: I think I would have to say one of our current projects, Elbow Park {12th}. A lot of our homes are labeled 'transitional' in style, and this home is no different, however I've pushed the envelope with materials and the way I'm combing traditional and more contemporary style. I'll admit that Rob & I haven't been seeing eye to eye on my selections but I know once he sees the whole picture he will love it as much as I do.

NM: What is your next design venture?
MH: We currently have 3 homes under construction at various phases and two additional homes under design development...but we are always looking for the next perfect location for another Veranda home, so there might be another added any day. It is going to be a busy 2015 and 2016 which is very exciting! 

Thank you so much to Melissa for joining us over here today! To see more from her stunning portfolio click through to her website here, and do be sure to follow along on all the behind-the-scenes action on her projects on her Instagram account.
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