Thursday, August 25, 2016

Princess Margaret Lottery Showhome 2016

The $5 million Princess Margaret Oakville Showhome is now open for viewing! I'm always jealous as it's over on the other side of Canada (Ontario to be exact), and it would be so much fun to tour a home designed by Brian Gluckstein. If you win, you don't only get the 7500 sq ft luxury living space, you also get $500,000 cash and a Ferrari. Personally, I can't even imagine such a prize. Here's a quick tour, you can see even more of the house over here:

Loving the herringbone floors and the artwork. Those architectural prints are just my favorite:

Several rooms ready to go if you have littles!

Oh, and that signature two-storey library Brian is always sure to include. I love the windows in here!

The cabinetry throughout is quite pretty. It feels like all the foundational items are in place and ready for someone to put their own personal touch on it and make this place a home.

Can you imagine this space all decked out with plants, flowers, and layered with fantastic furniture? It would be an awesome entertaining space!! What about ivy to cover the fireplace brick? There needs to be a long dinner table out here!

Yes to the gorgeous pool. Lots to love about the traditional exterior of this home. Can you imagine winning? What would you do to it to make it your own?


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

7 Lessons In Layering | The Home Of William McLure

Designer and artist William McLure has the real know-how when it comes to layering objects in a space. His entire home is a study on creating the perfect vignette. There are a few lessons I felt I could take from his work, let's take a closer look through:

1) It's ok to place art in front of art!! Leaning one piece against another really has a "collected over time" vibe I am loving.

2) Blue & white will always be right. And the ginger jars he has utilized in his home help create timeless vignettes.

3) Books on every surface possible - when you think you have too many, you should probably add a couple more. And place natural objects with texture on top of those books!

4) Look closely, there's even artwork leaned against the wall UNDER the table. And books stacked under William's bed! More is more.

5) Never forget flowers & lighting (like this lamp) of course, when creating a tabletop vignette.

6) Place artwork above the doorframe to keep the hallway interesting!

7) Drapes and blinds can be happily married :) And in general you can see the use of fabrics is key. Drapery around the bed, different patterns and textures on pillows, furnishings, and rugs.

It's fun to see how the home of a designer evolves over time. William reinvented his living room to what you saw above - it actually used to be all red & blue! But key pieces are re-used and I love to see how they can be rethought and worked into a new design plan. And you can easily see his principles of layering in these images as well. Lots of texture, artwork, and trinkets:

To see more from William, including his fantastic artwork, hop over here for his site and here for his very inspiring instagram account.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fleeting Days Of Summer | Poolside Decor

This is it, sad to say but we are in the final stretch of summer! We have been enjoying some glorious heat here in Vancouver, and I'm clinging desperately to these last moments. I'm being drawn to all the lovely beach and poolside photos I see in my instagram feed lately, and particularly to this amazing one acre Lake Forest, Illinois estate owned by interior designer Shelley Johnstone. She has what very likely may be the best outdoor entertaining layout ever:

There is quite a lot to love here, including all those boxwood hedges and hydrangeas everywhere!

The poolside cabana is equipped with a bathroom and outdoor shower:

Love this little added gravel patio, so charming. Can you picture yourself sitting down with a good book here?

All of the color Shelley utilized is so fresh. And all that PINK! Shelley has 5 boys. You read that right ... FIVE.

I love that Shelley shares her tablescapes and backyard views with us on Instagram stories, you will have to check out her lovely account. I especially love the views of this space at night with all the twinkling tree lights and glow of the pool. I have no clue why one would ever need to leave home, or stay in a hotel. I for one, would never leave!

Do have a peek through her portfolio as well, she's given me plenty of inspiration for my recent entry table dilemma:

And one last snap shot that captivated me, a current kitchen project - just look at those light fixtures!

To see more from Shelley Johnstone Design, hop over here. Hope you are enjoying the warm weather to the fullest!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Decor Inspiration: Lustworthy Lucite

We've got one small spot in our entry way that would allow for a vignette. And it SO desperately needs it ... an entry way table, artwork, perhaps a lamp, bench, and an umbrella stand ... it's what gives character and creates interest in the first area that welcomes you into a home. Here's our entryway with mouldings from Metrie's French Curves Collection (sorry for the grainy iPhone photo - full post on this completed space to come soon!). The spot is fairly small, so we will be limited as to the size of console table we can place here (max 40 inches wide and 16 inches depth):

So the catch: hubby and I love all that trim too much to entirely cover it up, and we are working with a very tight space. Solution? In my mind it seemed obvious - a clear acrylic console, of course! It won't be visually heavy, but it will allow us a spot to put down our keys (and more importantly a spot for me to style/decorate!). It'll make a statement, and yet keep the millwork as the center of attention.

When you first think about these tables, you may think they lend to a very stark and modern space, but on the contrary I think I've gathered some pretty good examples of a neo-traditional look, definitely what we are going for.

Colleen McGill will always be top of my books - here is her stunning version of a Lucite console, the Johnny Table:

left via Domino | right Amie Corley

What do you think? Can you picture a clear console in our foyer? I'm going to start doing my research and put together vignettes with artwork to see how I'd like to pull it all together. I know a few people have been lucky enough to score a great acrylic table at HomeSense/HomeGoods, but I haven't been that lucky so far. There's this one at CB2, and this one at Wayfair which currently are in the running.

Oh, and while we are on the topic of lucite, here are a few other pieces that I would love to add to my home, been saving these in the inspiration files:

Oh, and I should also mention I am crazy for anything that mixes acrylic/resin/lucite and natural wood. Make that a burled wood and I go extra crazy.

So there's my list of lustworthy lucite for your Monday morning. Now on to planning that entryway vignette ... I'll keep you up to date with my selections on instagram!
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