Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Secretary Desks & A Fun Craigslist Find

There are a handful of inspiration photos I have tucked away for several years that I always come back to - and this stunning living room by Christina Murphy is one of them. I have always been in love with the whole room, and in particular, that black & gold bamboo desk. Utterly chic, non? I have been thinking about how wonderfully a desk would fit into our own family room, a perfect spot for the telephone and the mail to land. Then I started to think, maybe I actually would want a secretary desk, so I could cover up the mess if I wanted to ...  these have long been a 'furniture crush' of mine as well ...

And while I love the look of the full-height cabinet, the spot that I'm thinking of for my own space wouldn't accommodate this. For one thing, there is a light switch that's used daily that would end up behind the cabinet, and I also don't think it would suit the scale of everything else going on in the room. So I started searching for low-height secretary desks, of which there are many handsome options:

1st Dibs has some rather stunning high-end antique options, but they truthfully were way out of my budget range:

1st Dibs - for a pretty price tag of nearly $70,000 CAD

1st Dibs - Just over $10,000 CAD

So I spent months searching some of my regular favorite websites - including my local Craigslist of course. And if you are patient, you can often find a gem! I combined my love of the bamboo look with the low secretary desk (at $200!):

This piece needs work, & new hardware all around, but it's a solid wood antique and I'm in love. Hmmm, maybe I can still achieve the look I lusted after in Christina Murphy's space? 

And I'm realizing more and more from the photos I am saving on my computer that I adore the all-black look:

Ralph Lauren Home via Habitually Chic

So elegant! So what are your thoughts, should I go black and gold? Leave as is? Or something entirely different? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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