Monday, August 28, 2017

Lee Radziwill's Paris Apartment Is For Sale

We know Lee Radziwill for many things, among them being her role as a socialite, interior decorator, former actress, and sister of the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Lee turned 84 this year, and is reported to still frequent the front row and many Fashion Week shows; she truly epitomizes chicness and remains a style icon to this day.

Her Paris apartment, which overlooks Avenue Monaigne in the 8th arrondissement with a view of the Eiffel tower, is currently for sale for a cool $4 million. Designed by Lee herself, this apartment is timeless and looks as fresh as if it could have been decorated in 2017 (and just imagine, the building dates back to 1890!). With a stunning gilt mirror and gold coffee tables, and that lovely Chinoiserie Le Manach fabric throughout, this 3 bedroom 6th floor apartment is the perfect Parisian pied-à-terre. Here is a mix of the realtor (Emile Garcin - see the listing here) photos and previously published images of Lee's home:

Lee Radziwill and her sister Jackie O surely have made a lastly impact on style and fashion, if you are intrigued by Lee and her fashion and decor, I recommend Assouline's book Lee, and you can see my previous post on Jackie's everlasting style here.

(Apartment images via Emile Garcin Properties, Elle Decor, & T Magazine)


Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday's Favorite Five

Whether it's moss green, forest green, Kelly green or chartreuse; green is the color du jour and it's popping up everywhere. Personally I love it, I've blogged about it before, and even Pantone has given us the confirmation that green is this year's go to. Here are FIVE times I saved or pinned stunning interiors utilizing green just within this week.

First up is this glorious peek into a space designed by one of my all-time favorites, Christina Murphy. Love the iced coffee on the table, shows you that every day life can be this beautiful.

This shot of a butler's pantry in lacquered green makes my heart sing! Cabinet color is Sherwin Williams Secret Garden (image via High Street Market):

This vignette by Michelle Nussbaumer with a custom mixed chartreuse backdrop is just lovely, but even more so when you come to learn that it's from her first ever showhome, from the late ninties! The room still looks beyond fresh today.

Amie Corley Interiors created such an amazing mix in this space, particularly because of that bold green sofa. If someone asked you to mix black walls with a green sofa, rust-colored vintage rug, and denim blue benches, you might not be able to picture it all together right? But just LOOK how lovely:

And perhaps the best for last - I hope you caught the stunning house tour on La Dolce Vita yesterday. Anna and Caroline Burke enveloped this gorgeous room in moss green velvet upholstered walls. Hop over to see the entire UES home, it's the stuff that dreams are made of.

There you have it! 5 wonderful examples of green that I happened upon this week. Have a lovely weekend Xo

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

House Tour | Miles Redd From Day To Night

Well, my guess is that this is not your first time to have a peek through the fabulous Mr. Miles Redd's NY Townhouse. However, when I came across some newer photos that I hadn't seen before, I decided to put a bit of a spin on this house tour and show you some of my favorite shots of his home both during the day and at night.

We equate Miles' signature style with glamour, something out of a Great Gatsby-like novel, definitely always referencing the past - perhaps New York City in the roaring 1930's. I would suggest his home truly sings in the evening, the glamour-factor is out in full force. I found images of almost every room in his home in an after dusk glow. Starting off in the dining room:

You can see in the image below that Miles applied a strip of mirror along the ceiling to up the glamour:

But then you see the strips of mirror on the ceiling during the evening glow, when the light dances and reflects off of every shiny surface, and it's quite magical. Day time almost can't compare!

Both the powder room and kitchen have purposefully been decorated in a dark scheme, which just looks fantastic at night, and I think the look is such a success because of the mirrored surfaces and the shiny black lacquer in the case of the kitchen.

I love seeing that Miles has the lamps ON in some of his interior shots - this is often a big no-no in interior photography and there will be a few of you that definitely disagree with me on this one. I just like the soft glow and the indication that someone actually LIVES here. And it's luxurious, especially when the glow bounces off lacquered walls or cabinetry like we see here:

I love these little peeks at the stair well gallery wall at night, looking into that famous red library:

Now who wouldn't want to curl up and read here?

This bedroom looks like the epitome of luxury; the chinoiserie wallcovering, silk drapes, the artwork, and the fringed lampshades:

But even more so at night with those lampshades aglow:

This last one is my favorite, Miles' imfamous bathroom and adjoining mirrored dressing room.

On one occasion, when an outdoor soiree was to be held and rain happened to disrupt the plans - Miles simply moved the party indoors - into his dressing room, of course. The mirrors just look magical with the candlelight, I don't think any one would pay attention to the bath tub just off in the distance:

And there you have it! A few new images and a fun comparison of a spectacular home during the day and at night. Truthfully I hope we start to get to see more designers homes at night, and even if it's not suited to a magazine format, I hope we'll at least see more of it through social media. I think it gives us a better glance at how people truly live, rather that the bright white and perfectly styled shots we are so used to seeing.

To see more from Miles, watch the latest video, 13 questions with Miles Redd,  hop here to his site and see more of this home tour here.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Most Luxurious Laundry Room

Several of you left messages last Friday after seeing one lovely snap shot of this luxe blue & white laundry room designed by Dina Bandman for the SF Decorator Showcase and featured in the September issue of House Beautiful. And judging by the number of pins of that photo, you wanted to see more! Well here is a detailed post of this gorgeous space, and you can get sources and descriptions from Dina's blog here.

The space comes equipped with Clive Christian custom cabinetry, a doggy wash for the pampered pooch of the house, wicker hampers, and decorative open shelves. I absolutely love the mix of the navy subway tile with the floor tile, and the hand-painted de Gournay wallcovering. And look at those shelves above the sink with the polished nickel French bistro brackets!

A dog-washing station would be a dream in my house - mainly because our dog fights us tooth and nail and ends up splashing all over & out of our small sink. This is the ultimate luxuriously loaded laundry room, but would be a hard working room with all the bells and whistles a family could need!

See Dina Bandman's fantastic portfolio for this project and many more. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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