Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday's Favorite Five

Whether it's moss green, forest green, Kelly green or chartreuse; green is the color du jour and it's popping up everywhere. Personally I love it, I've blogged about it before, and even Pantone has given us the confirmation that green is this year's go to. Here are FIVE times I saved or pinned stunning interiors utilizing green just within this week.

First up is this glorious peek into a space designed by one of my all-time favorites, Christina Murphy. Love the iced coffee on the table, shows you that every day life can be this beautiful.

This shot of a butler's pantry in lacquered green makes my heart sing! Cabinet color is Sherwin Williams Secret Garden (image via High Street Market):

This vignette by Michelle Nussbaumer with a custom mixed chartreuse backdrop is just lovely, but even more so when you come to learn that it's from her first ever showhome, from the late ninties! The room still looks beyond fresh today.

Amie Corley Interiors created such an amazing mix in this space, particularly because of that bold green sofa. If someone asked you to mix black walls with a green sofa, rust-colored vintage rug, and denim blue benches, you might not be able to picture it all together right? But just LOOK how lovely:

And perhaps the best for last - I hope you caught the stunning house tour on La Dolce Vita yesterday. Anna and Caroline Burke enveloped this gorgeous room in moss green velvet upholstered walls. Hop over to see the entire UES home, it's the stuff that dreams are made of.

There you have it! 5 wonderful examples of green that I happened upon this week. Have a lovely weekend Xo

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday's Favorite Five

I'm putting a different spin on my 'Friday's Favorites to Follow' post - today I'm sharing 5 photos and ideas that inspired me this week, things I happened upon via social media and perhaps even saved so I can come back to later! Let's start with the first one just above, a closer shot of the stunning laundry sink in Dina Bandman's space designed for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase. See the full tour of the showhouse here.

Number 2 on the list is this action shot of a master faux finisher working on a staircase railing in a tortoiseshell pattern for a project with Anne Wagoner Interiors. Incredible! It's inspiring me to at least attempt a mirror frame to accomplish this look that I'm lusting after.

My third favorite photo of the week - this incredible hall by M and M Interior Design. I LOVE the grid panelling (reminds me of the painstaking process in our old house), and I love the combo of the antique piece, the chandelier, and the lamps. Gorgeous!

This little nook of a master bedroom with gorgeous Schumacher Acanthus stripe grasscloth is making me want to get decorating my own bedroom ... why is the bedroom usually the last space to tackle? I can only imagine how good it would feel to plop into bed in this space every night!

And finally No. 5 ... in my mind, I will one day have my stuff together and will be on the ball, organized, effortlessly hosting summer dinners al fresco for all of my family & friends. Right now I don't even have a dinning table outside, but I'll get there eventually!! THIS gorgeous fruit spread would be something I'd love to try to create when that someday comes ... (via Emily Schuman)

Okay, one more, a bonus for today -
I am sooo excited to be starting 2 weeks off of work today. I cannot lie to you, working 5 days a week lecturing my heart out to college Biology students is tiring. I LOVE my job, but I am tired. I get emails almost weekly from such wonderful readers that often ask, 'how do you do it all?' or I don't know how you work and have a son, and still manage to post on your blog ... well the truth is I'm NOT doing it so well.

It's tough and there are many days I want to go straight to bed the moment I get home, but that is not an option with a 1.5 year old. And I've been so sporadic with posting on the blog, it bothered me so much when I first had to reduce my posts per week, but now I've come to accept that it's just a reality and I can only do what's humanly possible. I hope you will still come and visit me when I do have something to share over here, because I still love doing it. It's what inspires me and keeps me using my creative brain, and I cannot let that go! As always, thank you for being on this journey with me xo

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