Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{my trip in photos: italy 2012}

The final installment of my trip to Europe! Boy, it took me a long time to finally get through my photos for this post, I'm behind on so many things! On that note, please forgive me if you are waiting for an email reply from me, I've fallen behind on way to many fronts but I promise I'll get there :)

Italy was amazing, and after coming home and looking through my pics I realized it was all about beautiful history and incredible architecture every which way you turned. We spent most of our time in Rome, plus a day at the Vatican city, and ended off with a day in gorgeous Florence {a definite must-see}.

First Rome; the Colosseum and surrounding ancient ruins are remarkable! I would highly recommend a tour guide, it's a great way to take in the history to the fullest. We learned more about Rome in one day than I probably learned in all my years of schooling!

{35 degrees and sunny every day, just the way I like it!}

{Left: Me at the Trevy Fountain; Right: I wanted to take home those gorgeous trees!}

Florence is truly picturesque, the cobblestone streets, churches and charming shops atop bridges were a sight to drink in.

Oh, and shopping for genuine Italian leather wasn't so bad either! Don't you think the shop owner resembles George Clooney?

Not only in the Vatican city, but everywhere you turned it seemed a glorious intricate church could be found. We got a few great shots so my mind started turning & thinking about creating an oversized version like one of these:

I love the look! Here are a few of our shots I might consider, do you think one of these could work?

What a trip! One I definitely won't soon forget. Thanks to everyone who gave me tips on what to see and do before I left.

And just in case you missed it here are my recaps of London & Paris. Have a great Wednesday!


Unknown said...

Amazing pics Nancy! Your idea of framing a large print is great! Have a lovely day! Xo

Samantha Green said...

i love italy. it is such a beautiful country and these are amazing pictures of it. i cannot wait to return one day :) xx

Krystal Schlegel said...

Looks like an amazing trip!! I love the idea to blow up a photo and place it in the living room!

Unknown said...

How divine! My kids are off to Europe in Sept. for a month in Italy, a month in France and Spain. I'm showing them your pictures.
So glad youre trip was such a landmark achievement.
xo Nancy

Unknown said...

These pictures are beautiful! I have always wanted to go to Italy.


How2home said...

Amazing photos! Italy looks beautiful.

Unknown said...

Great pics! I live and study in Rome, and am having a blast! Too bad we couldn't have connected in person! I love giving tours :)

Nicole Scott said...

Beautiful pictures. Would look great on a large stretched canvas too! Lucky! Ive never been.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

i hope to work up the nerve and if my back didnt hurt so much on long flights...this is a place id love to visit. Just the intricacy alone - are blessed to have gone there Nancy!

Ebony said...

Your pics are great! I can't wait to go some day! Did you bring any items for your home back with you or do you have any plans to work any of your pics into your home?

Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

Looks like you had a fab time! Love your art project, I think all the photos would look sensational but I'm partial to the last one. Gorgeous colors!!

Pinecone Camp said...

I haven't been to Italy, yet, and your pics make me want to go straight to the airport! I love giant images of anything, but those images of churches are especially stunning.
Love your purple dress ;)

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