Monday, February 8, 2016

Nursery Inspiration & Updates

Ok, ok ... I had to sneak a picture of the cute little guy in here to entice you over :) Am I turning into one of those parents that just wants to show off photos of their child at every waking chance? Well, I am happy to report that his nursery is finally being pulled together!
Here's a little reminder of the space I have planned, we've so far installed the gorgeous Bamboo Lantern in brilliant gold from Shades of Light, and the stunning Fornasetti Nuvolette wallcovering that I had been drooling over from DecoratorsBest!

It's finally time for furnishings! Follow along with the progress sneak peeks on instagram, much more to come soon. Truth though? He's so little I'm almost afraid to put him in the giant room all by himself! Funny how becoming a mom will do those things to you! :)



StagerLinda said...

Precious picture of the two of you with your angel.

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

He is even more stunning from when I last saw him ....... and those eyes!!!! ........ oh yeah, and the nursery is lookin' pretty good too ;-)

Lily said...

Oh my, so cute. What can I say more. Any way I love the stripe chair. Gorgeous.

mandy mcgregor said...

I love following your renovations! Can't wait to see how this nursery turns out :)

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