Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{my latest living room addition ...}

Guess who came to live with me? The fabulous Tuscan Moroccan shag rug from Rugs USA I've been drooling over {and recently blogged about here}! I'm thrilled with how it looks and feels, images don't really do this plush and cozy wool rug justice:

It was exactly what my living space was craving :) It really breaks up all of our dark flooring and brightens the room ...

The perfect back drop for some fun coffee table styling!

I know it may be hard to tell in pictures but it's honestly so plush and feels AMAZING on bare feet!

And you wanna know my favorite part? Let's keep this one a secret between you and me ... my little puppy Yoki is shedding like crazy right now ... and the rug kinda camouflages the situation. I am trés trés happy about that one. You can barely see the little blonde fur baby when she's lounging on it, she just blends right in!

What a cutie hey? How can I get mad at her for shedding when she's such a doll?? I am so happy with my rug, and with the prices over on Rugs USA being so reasonable I would be happy to add a few more to my home. Seriously I could never ever pay 1000's and 1000's for a rug now that I've had a taste of the fabulousness over on that site.

PS. There is a 65% Memorial Day sale going on now, head over to check it out!


Donna Benedetto said...

It looks fabulous and makes the space so inviting!

Vintage Home said...

Looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

Fellow Canadian here, what was your duties and taxes? I notice it costs $58 to ship to my house.

Looks like an amazing rug though!!


Shira said...

This is so beautiful. Loving the rug, the pretty chairs, everything.


brownbetty said...

Question - It looks a bit delicate. Does it stand up well to vacuuming?

diane said...

Thank you SO much for the link to the 65% savings. I have longed for this rug as well and just ordered it to brighten up my dark wood floors...great minds think alike!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

AMAZING !!!!! As I've said before, I think that room is fabulous! Your pup is adorable. I love what you did with your fireplace too. We shop in the states pretty much every few months, the deals are for sure found there.

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

So funny! All I could think about while looking at your pics was how amazing it would feel on your bare feet. And you did it! Good for you! Love the rug.

Unknown said...

This rug is PERFECT in there! Bethany has one in her MBR and it sheds like crazy. I'll be interested to hear if this one does, cause I would love one. There is nothing softer on your feet. Im afraid my animals would hide in it, too. Your pup is adorable!
xo Nancy

Marcus Design said...

Thank you so much for all your comments friends! Here are answers to those of you that had questions:

1) Yes, there is a 15% shipping fee for us Canadians. So if you wait until they have a 50-65% off sale, you are definitely getting a good quality rug for much less than we can typically find here in Canada!!

2) brownbetty - it's actually the total opposite of delicate! It's held up well to vaccuming and takes abuse from a crazy puppy already! She vomited on it already {sad face} but I was SOOO impressed at how easy it was to clean, it was as if the wool repelled the fluid!

3)Nancy - the rug did shed for about 2 weeks. It's been a good 2 weeks since the shedding so I 'think' it's done :) We vaccumed about 5-6 times so far so I'm hoping that's all it takes.

Nancy xo

Unknown said...

I just got the same one a few weeks ago and can't get over how much I love it. It's so soft and silky and beyond lovely underfoot. It looks perfect in your space!

Designwali said...

OMG I love it!!

Sharon@house58blog.com said...

The rug is gorgeous and looks fab in your room! I must say though, that rug looks much better with that baby dog rolling around on it! More pics of that little lamb chop, please!

Anonymous said...

Hello There. I loved this rug as well and waited for it to come back into stock to order. The rug just arrived, but the lines are a dark brown and not black. Are your lines black or dark brown? Thank you!

Mercury said...

I just ordered it too....55% off. can't wait to see it.

Malificent said...

Love everything about your room, so pretty! I am waiting for the same rug now.

Question, could you please share the name and brand of the paint color?

Tnx in advance 😊

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