Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{idswest 2013}

Hi friends! Hope your week is well so far. I've got a quick little recap on all the sights at the IDSwest show in Vancouver this year. It's always a great place to see what's new and get inspired about interior design {sorry for the blurry iPhone pics! I took my DSLR camera to the show without the battery!! Genius}.

a lovely vignette by van gogh
Truth be told, I went to the show specifically to hear the talks this year. Canada's beloved designers Brian Gluckstein and Tommy Smythe both gave a seminar which was quite thrilling for me. Tommy was entertaining as ever, and I loved the tips he gave. For example he explained that "impatience is the enemy of good design." His point of view is to be thoughtful on what you buy, and take the time to find the perfect pieces. If you look at his own homes you will see a testament to the statement, he re-uses his favorite pieces in different ways with every move!
Brian's talk was just as informative, his design philosophy is largely based on good bones creating a special space, and neutrals neutrals neutrals! He shared a few of his favorite paint colors with us, including Benjamin Moore's Natural Cream, Horizon, Marilyn's Dress, November Skies, and Blue Note. I literally felt like I could have sat and listened to his design stories all day long. If you ever have a chance to here him speak make sure you do!! {interviewed by Mark Challen of House & Home on the right}.
Brian described these massive walls of pin boards on every floor of the Gluckstein Design head office, where himself and his staff pin inspiring photographs and often stand around to discuss. I can only imagine how thrilling it would be to work in a place like that. Just look at what the office looks like on the outside ... amazing ...
There were several furnishings that caught my eye at the show as well:
brass and wood art deco table with brass chairs by Home Couture
Wood and Lucite! A fabulous combo by Autonomous Furniture Collection
Urban Barn's gunmetal tufted sofa is only $999!
The Monogram Dinner By Design event showcased fabulous dinning tables created by several local designers.
by Filosophi
by Robert Blaney Design
by Kelly Deck
And that is my round up! Another great show that left me feeling very inspired. I was itching for a project by the time I left so I take that as a sign of a job well done by the IDSwest show organizers. Until next year!
PS. Thank you for your votes for my brother Andrew this weekend, your support seriously meant so much to me. He came in second place, however what was honestly more important to me was all of the kind emails and comments I received from those of you who listened to and enjoyed his beautiful song.

4 comments: said...

love all those dinning tables heaven!

Angela @ The Decadence Project said...

Love the diversity in design this year! Looks like fun!

Rebecca and Lori said...

I'm so envious. My blog partner, Lori, and I live in CA and have never had the opportunity to attend an IDS but we have decided that we need to start saving now so we can go next year! We would love to meet you too.

It sounds like it was informative and totally inspiring.


Barbara Matson said...

I wish I had time to attend on Saturday - both Tommy and Brian would of been fabulous to hear! Glad you enjoyed their talks!

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