Monday, February 17, 2014

{my trip in photos: the bahamas}

Happy new week! We are mid-way through February already - can you believe it? Call me crazy but I think it's about time to be counting the days down until spring! I felt totally blessed to get a good dose of sun in the Bahamas earlier this month, boy does that change everything. I feel refreshed and renewed and ready to hit the ground running again. We had so many neat experiences, including swimming with reef sharks {I can't believe I did that!}, feeding iguanas, snorkeling, sun-bathing, and taking afternoon naps. We even saw Beyoncé and Jay Z's house from afar!

We purchased a GoPro Hero3+ with a GoPole before we left, and we are so thankful we did! Not only did it take amazing photos underwater, but above water as well! They say the pole keeps the camera more stable, and a bonus is that it floats *just* in case you were to drop the camera while under water.

You can see the pole in this 'selfie' shot:

Seriously, what more can describe this place better than 'Paradise Found'? Here are some additional photos I posted on instagram:

Speaking of Instagram, I'd love for you to leave me your info in a comment so that I can find new people to follow! I feel like I'm missing out on all the action as it's all still so new to me. And who are your favorite Instagram accounts that you follow? I'd love to know!!

I would definitely go back to the Bahamas in a heartbeat. We visited Exuma and Nassau and both were completely stunning islands. Have you been to these, or other islands nearby? I'd love to hear your experiences so that we can start making our wishlist for our next vacation! One of the things I TRULY wish we could have done was swim with the famous pigs in Exuma - but alas we were just slightly too far away to travel to them by boat. If you haven't heard of these swimming pigs please do me a favor and watch this video on Youtube, it will be guaranteed to put a smile on your face today!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful vacation and it looks so rejuvenating! I've been to Nassau and did the dolphin swim and loved it. Anywhere tropical right now sounds like the ticket to surviving this cold and nasty winter. So glad you got to go and love your camera! Xo Nancy

Renee said...

H beautiful! Makes me warmer just looking at these photos..
I'm newer to Instagram too but I love it already!
I'd love to put you on my list to follow :

Designwali said...

wow great pictures!

Unknown said...

This trip looks amazing! Something tropical sounds perfect right about now.

I have been following your blog for quite some time but just found you on Instagram. (cute pics btw)!

Some of my favorite accounts are:

These will give you hours of amazing of visual inspiration! :)

Have a great day!

Jak + Jae said...

Beautiful blue waters! It looks magical! I'm new to Instagram too. See you there!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eboney said...

I live in Nassau, Bahamas!!! So glad you enjoyed yourself. We are truly blessed here! Hope you decide to come back =)

Marcus Design said...

Hi Eboney! Thank you for your comment, I KNOW I will be back to your lovely city again one day. You are truly blessed! Keep in touch, I'd love get tips from you for a second trip ;)

Eboney said...

Sure thing! My mom is a tour representative here so any help you need is not a problem. Take care!

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