Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our Winter Babe Is On The Way

Our little family of two is about to grow! I can't believe I'm in week 37 of pregnancy as of today. Time has flown by with this reno taking place, but we simply had to pause, soak it in, and try to capture the moment with a maternity photo session. It's been so hard to just stop and realize all that is going on around us. And as of about 2 weeks ago we've learned that baby is in a breech position and this may mean an earlier arrival via C-section. I'm still praying he'll turn around but I'm also realizing it's all in God's hands and I'm just going to take it one small step at a time.
Here's a little tid-bit of our photos for you (by Trina Lianne):
Thanks for coming along this journey with me! More updates on baby & reno to come soon :)



The FAT Paint Company said...

By beautiful friend! I'm just so darned thrilled for you and Nick!! Amazing photos, perfectly capturing this very special time in your lives :-)
Love you!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Uh MAZING!!!!!!!

Barbara Matson said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOW! You are glowing! Good luck my friend. I too was in your position, with a breech baby not once but TWICE! I survived as I felt blessed that i was giving birth in the modern age where we can deliver a breech baby safely via C section.

Monica said...

Your photos are beautiful...all of them!! Wishing you lots of Christmas joy and Happy 2016 New Year...your baby should be here by 2016 ...enjoy all your time with him and cannot wait to see his first photo!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for deciding to share these personal photos of you and hubby (and baby...) they are so beautifully done and sweet.
My first baby was breech also.... we went in for the scheduled C-section and they decided to do one more ultrasound.... good thing they did, because she had turned around! So they sent us home! Point is, always get one last ultrasound before you let them cut you! GOOD LUCK to all!

M. Del Rosario said...

You look STUNNING, Dr. Nancy!!!

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