Wednesday, October 12, 2016

One Room Challenge Week 2 | Demolition!

Ahhhhh ... a gutted space is so utterly satisfying isn't it? I think it's helped me to see a blank canvas with all of it's potential! I'd love to show you a look at the before's and the demolished space side-by-side to trigger your memory from last weeks post.

First up, the vanity area - we've removed the old vanity and mirror. In lieu of the one large mirror I've selected two lovely beaded gold mirrors, and a shaker style cabinet in BM cloud white is in the works (with this hardware for a traditional look). As you can already tell, we are definitely mixing metals in here!

The faucets that we purchased will have a traditional vibe with the cross-handle as well:

I'm super excited about the shower plans, the new glass enclosure has been ordered, and we decided to go to the ceiling with the panels (except over the door for venting). Also we've swapped the direction the door swings open so that the homeowners can easily reach their towels hanging on the wall hook. It was tricky planning as we had to be very careful where to place the chrome joints between glass panels and the ceiling. A note to those who decide to try this 'frameless' look, make sure the company you use will warranty the glass, if it's not up to their security standards they won't give you a warranty!
Also in the shower, the plumber has come and fitted for new fixtures including a rain shower! Go big or go home right?
Everything has been waterproofed:
And finally, probably my favorite nook, the tub:
I can't wait to see the stunning Tonic Living Roman blinds. I've selected a new soft grey drapery fabric that has a slubbed texture for the look of linen minus all the wrinkle hassle! I think this is going to do really well in a bathroom space with moisture.

Last but definitely not least, the material selections! So here is the version for this project, the paint color we are using is BM oxford white (a fresh but warm white), combined with a basketweave for the flooring, a pencil trim to act as a simple chair rail on the walls, and at the very bottom of the photo you can see a piece of the porcelain tile that will be placed around the perimeter of the room as well as the shower walls. If you remember from last weeks post, the marble-like porcelain is our attempt to have a low-maintenance space with the airy feel of the natural stone.

We will dress up a portion of the shower walls with a framed inset of Calacatta hexagons, which will also act as the backsplash above the vanity. The small mosaic squares are a natural moonstone with a slightly darker color to handle wear and tear as the base of the shower. Finally, the small sample labeled 'Calacatta Nuvo' is a quartz that will act as our vanity counter. All of the blue & white and gold will be brought in with accessories that I will share more of with you next week!

(all tile purchased through Creekside Tiles)

So that gives you an idea of where we are at with some of the major fixtures. Next week I'll share updates as well as some of the details of the accessories we have planned to use. I've ordered every last piece in hopes that we don't have too much chaos with such a tight deadline - but I'm still nervous when I think about how fast this has to wrap up!

And of course, don't forget to visit the other 19 fantastic designers spaces - there is so much amazing stuff happening with them and with the guest participants on Thursday's as well! Hope you are having fun following along this journey with me :)



Barbara Matson said...

It is going to look amazing! How fun it must be to work on someone else's space and their budget!!!

Megan said...

This is going to be suck a chic and clean space... what a transformation. Excited to see how it turns out.

Tim said...

wow fantastic progress!! Love the tile selection and Creekside is the best! Love the drawing and tip on the glass shower enclosed. I will need that soon when planning my own condo.

can't wait to see what's next in Week 3!


Ariel said...

I would die for a bathroom like this! Eagerly following along

Leslie Sinclair said...

I love all your inspiration pictures and the surfaces you picked!! It will be stunning!!!!

Unknown said...

Girl! Can't wait to see what's coming! I am right there with you: DEMOLITION!!

Linda @ Calling It Home said...

I love renovations. The finishes are pretty. Hang in there.

Gwen, The Makerista said...

It's going to be beautiful, love the faucets!


Oh good God....this will be stunning! Can't wait:)

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