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One Room Challenge Week 3 | All About The Tile

This weeks One Room Challenge update is ALL about the tiles going in. If you're just joining in the fun, check out my before's from week 1 and demolition from week 2 to get caught up on this insane 6 week journey to complete a room! I know, I know ... a master ensuite is a pretty ambitious room choice. But truth be told, as I've mentioned before - we pre-planned extensively and ordered EVERYTHING well in advance. I honestly don't think it would be possible any other way! Here's a quick reminder of our inspiration board:

The marble is such a key to accomplishing this look. So you can imagine my excitement when the tile started to go up. It looks like we really are getting somewhere now!! What you see below is our porcelain tile in a 'marble-look' (for durability's sake) laid in a subway pattern on the perimeter of the floor and shower walls. The empty boxes are waiting for mosaic insets:

We came across a wee problem with the pattern on the floor - there would have to be 1 piece of tile that ended up being cut into a weird sliver of a size in order to accommodate the rooms measurements. If we didn't lay this out and literally measure EVERY tile we could have ended up with this weird mismatched tile size right in the entry to the room. Luckily after drawing it out in detail we were able to hide that smaller tile right where the toilet will sit on it! Lesson number 1; it pays to carefully plan.

And in went the basket weave:

One more problem (with a reno you simply can't avoid them)! Once the inset of hexagon Calcutta marble went up, all I could see was a grey-er tone in a select few of the sheets. Lesson number two; it also pays to be picky! With natural stone you can't fully control what you are going to get, so hand picking out your sheets could honestly be worth it, and mention to your tile installer that if any piece looks too dark/light or too grey etc. to discard of those if you think the difference would bother you.

Out came those sheets for a better match from the same batch of tile, because I'm OCD and that would bother me! Much better:

And now all grouted, it looks amazing!! I am so excited with the results. We had 2 corner shelves put in, which had to be made from Carrara marble as porcelain would have an awful exposed edge and would not be as durable. I do have to say, I'm impressed by how well the natural stone mixes with the porcelain.

Here is a better look at the shower base, a moonstone mosaic we chose for it's darker and thus more durable appearance.

And here are the walls where the stand-alone tub will go! I finished the edge on the wall with a Carrera marble pencil trim.

Let's not forget what once was here only a short time ago ... so much better already!

I'll be able to share the tub install in the next post, this beauty is coming soon:

And in other news, the vanity has been designed and will also be ready to show next week, after a few design options the lady of the house chose the bottom drawing as it gives her nice wide drawers in the center of the unit.

That's all of my updates for this week! Next week a few more fixtures will be in and I'll share lots of the accessories that have already begun to arrive. In the meantime, be sure to follow along on Instagram to see sneak peeks along the way :)

And don't forget to check out what the other 19 amazing designers are up to this week, as well as the guest participants tomorrow. I cannot believe what all of these talented people are accomplishing!




I think I said this before...but how brave to tackle your master bath:) Love your tile selections and yes to changing out that wall with the miss-matched would have bugged me also:)

Amy, Home Glow Design said...

Oh my gosh this is looking so amazing. Thanks for the heads-up on the tile variations -- never having used natural stone (yet ;), this was such a great tip. Eagerly following along!

Julie said...

Ahhhh!!! It looks SO good, Nancy!!!

Unknown said...

We are cut from the same cloth, my friend. I totally would have pulled those darker tiles out too! It's all looking STUNNING (no surprise there!) and I can't wait to see that vanity installed. You must be GIDDY! The first soak in that tub will be divine, am I right?
Sarah xx

Fiona said...

Gorgeous! What porcelain tile did you use? My father's bathroom DESPERATELY needs help.

Tim said...

so beautiful Nancy and yes to the hand picking tile process! I just lived through that myself and the tile guy thought I was crazy to look at 30 marble pencils and shower thresholds only to pick 6 of the perfect colors!

that vanity is going to be gorgeous and that 1/2 tile wall + pencil detail: LOVE!!

Can't wait to check out Week 4!


OCD and pre-planning are working for you, Nancy! I would be so scared to tackle the bath for the ORC but you've got this! It looks AMAZING already! xo

Vanessa@Decor Happy said...

It's looking amazing Nancy. Good call on the tile. Can't wait to see the tub and vanity installed!

Kim A said...

We are about to install porcelain marble look tile in our bathroom as well. How did you do the shower curb so that the unfinished edge isn't showing? Miter cuts? We were thinking of looking for a solid piece to cap that off, but it would be much less expensive to use tile.

Gwen, The Makerista said...

All of the tile looks so beautiful! And man, it's amazing the difference a stand alone will make compared to the big old built in tub!

Linda @ Calling It Home said...

Your clients are so lucky to have you. I would have cried every time I saw the mis-matched tiles. Excellent job. My fingers are crossed for you.

Tricia @ Suburban B's said...

The tile looks amazing & here's to getting rid of the built in tub! What a difference! I hear you on the OCD. I'm still waiting on my tile to arrive but I ordered several extra sheets just in case of too much variation.
Tricia @ Suburban Bitches

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