Sunday, May 5, 2019

One Room Challenge Week 5 | Spring 2019

Sorry for my Week 5 delayed post! Not much has been happening sadly and I think I can say with confidence that we won't be finishing in the 6-week time frame. The trouble has been that our masonry repair has been delayed and it's not in our hands! Workers should be on site today but they've put us so behind that I think it's impossible. That's trades work for you, always delayed!!!

So the photo above I've included to show you an "overly" mortared brick on our chimney. Our front bricks will be less so (see below). But this was done heacily on purpose to stop a leak in our chimney, and it was what sparked my interest in lightening up the front facing bricks for a little 'weathered' Charleston charm.

Fingers crossed that in the next couple of weeks I will have the final completed look to post! May be a week or two late, but I have to let go control as I'm not a masonry expert and I've got to wait for the experts ...

In other news we have progress with a painted black fence!

The neighbour let us paint all the way to their side of their home for a consistent look! Always helpful when you have people who see your vision :) Perhaps some pretty white hydrangeas will adorn this side yard in future years, wouldn't that look so good against the black?

Wish me luck to reach the finish line! And in the meantime make sure to be following all the awesome transformations for week 5 and soon week 6!


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