Wednesday, April 24, 2019

One Room Challenge Week 4 | Spring 2019

Week 4 and yet another week where not too much looks visibly different! We are painting the fence up black and will have some photos of that shortly. In the meantime I finally caught a sale on this Mayne Window box and purchased it this past weekend. I'm so excited to see it installed against the crusty looking brick like the inspiration photo above!

This is the spot where it will be installed, we purchased a 5ft long box that will span the width of this window. My only wish is that I had more windows!!

:And finally, just to keep it real, here was a nice little surprise we found today after meticulously manicuring the boxwoods & their soil bed:

It seems we had a little critter visitor! Ugh. A good reminder that we can only control so much, and we usually can't control nature! :)

Fingers crossed for more pretty to show you next week ... stay tuned & be sure to visit all the other amazing makeovers by the guest participants here.


1 comment:

Michelle said...

That is going to look so beautiful! I would love to install some window boxes on the front of my brick home. I have been threatening to hang shutters for the entire 6 years we've lived here... one day it will happen!

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