Wednesday, April 10, 2019

One Room Challenge Week 2 | Spring 2019

Here we are in week 2! Lots of stuff on the go, but for this week I'm still going to catch you up on some of the work that was already done prior to the 6 week challenge. I think you'll quickly see there would have been no way for us to get ALL of this done in 6 weeks! But please watch my instastories this week for some-real time action on the brick work!

Let's look back at the garage before, we selected a black (Benjamin Moore Black Magic) for the paint:

Much better! And then we started to test out white for the trim which was originally blue as seen here:

I hinted last week on the fact that we removed all the yucky stucco, and we actually also removed the arched windows for a bit of an updated look:

You can see the windows and how they now look in the Master bedroom (more on that front soon, stay tuned!):

Once the windows were replaced, we got to the fun part of replacing the stucco with cedar shakes, nothing beats the smell of fresh cedar saw-dust on the job site :)

Getting better ....

Good bye blue trim! Hubby took it upon himself to paint the trim Benjamin Moore Oxford white, everything looked 10x better!

Now it was on to removing that mess of a landscape job, we replaced the ruble with fresh soil and boxwoods to create a hedge. We chose Green Mountain boxwood species and I am SO glad we did. In our Pacific Northwest climate these boxwoods grow FAST. This was planted in spring 2017:

 So remember what this front window looked like:

And now:

Look at how those boxwoods grew in only 2 seasons!!!! Hubby removed every plant in front:

Here you can see me standing amongst the original landscape with our little dog Yoki, everything was just a tad bit overgrown and it took up space in the walkway, especially with that funny little cutout in the concrete:

And now, much wider!!

What do you think so far? Thank you for following along, and hop to the ORC webpage for so many more makeover journeys!



Amy, Home Glow Design said...

Wow, Nancy, you are taking on a HUGE transformation. The shingle siding is a huge transformer. Great choice.

Lindsey @hilltown_house said...

Wow what a huge project to tackle!! It's looking great so far - I love the shingles!

Mary said...

You are such a talent! I never would have thought to make those kind of changes.

Anonymous said...

Love it:) you are so gifted.

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