Wednesday, April 17, 2019

One Room Challenge Week 3 | Spring 2019

This week was super slow with progress. Sadly our masonry worker is behind schedule and virtually nothing has been fixed regarding the sagging bricks. But we managed to finish one small but important detail, let me start off by showing you a problem we never realized we had until a year after the purchase of our house:

Sorry for the fuzzy photo but you can clearly see what's happening with the arrows. Our exterior lights are literally not in line with the roof line of the house and the brick arch of the garage!! Can you imagine? The electricians who did the original job seem to have measured from the ground up, going with the sloped gradation of the land and leaving the lights crooked!!! Geesh. So we took a couple of bricks out to balance things before the install of our new lights will happen in the coming weeks:

It took removing 2 bricks, chiselling out one and replacing the one below. We got a new pancake box for the new fixture (thank you to my dad in law for putting that in!), and now we are all ready to go.

These are the new beauties, can't wait to see them flanking the garage:

Some inspiration from the Lake Forest Show House:

And we have the light by our front door already installed (thank you our electrician Chapmann Cheung!), as it's installed onto the shingles and we didn't have to wait for the brick repair to happen. SO at least it's giving us a little taste of pretty to tide us over until the brick work is done:

In case you are curious, we purchased these Acclaim lights via Lowes. I love the Asian lantern shape and the brass finish again the shingles and the bricks. Can't wait to show you more! Have fun perusing some of the other ORC guest participant spaces here.


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