Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Textbook Tuesday | Renewing Tradition

Architecture is truly an artform I am infatuated with. I've often daydreamed what it would have been like should I have gone into that field. The understanding of scale, proportions, layout, and of course varying architectural styles over history interests me so much, I wish I had time to read and understand more! Today's book review focuses on something I'm pretty passionate about, tradition architecture and design, perfectly showcased in 'Renewing Tradition: The Architecture of Eric J. Smith.' Published by Rizzoli, this large-format and impressive tome is a collection of the high-end and detailed projects of Smith's New York-based firm.

I always love to include an image with the dust jacket off, because so often there is a treasure lying beneath. This rich saturated green with gold foil lettering did not disappoint, it's stunning and substantial. Eric has worked with numerous high-caliber designers, hence the lovely foreword by one of his collaborators (and one of my personal favorites), Alexa Hampton.

Below you can see that the chapters are divided by project, so you truly get a sense of the 'story' behind each home. From sketches, to blueprints, the exterior and the interior; it's all encapsulated in the individual project chapters.

It's such a privilege to see the blueprints of these fine homes! I love getting the chance to have this specific insight into the design and layout of such large-scale custom projects:

Some of my favorite exteriors in the book where of the shingled variety, complete with oval windows and chippendale railing. And you know that interiors-wise I was happy to see entertaining enfilades (see the blueprint above) present as well! All on my dream house wish list!!

Another dream-house detail, a front door that perfectly aligns with the back door so you can see straight through to the backyard:

This book is not only sharing the exterior details of Eric's incredible projects but also the interiors! Like this fantastic dining room from sketch to reality, all clad in Gracie wallpaper of course:

If you or someone on your holiday gift list is a lover of traditional style, classic architectural details, and custom residential projects such as these, be sure to put Renewing Tradition on your wish list. It's a gorgeous book that won't be a one-time flip though; this is one I know I will keep pulling back off the bookshelf for constant inspiration time and time again. You can purchase your copy here, and see more of Eric J. Smith Architects here.


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