Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Textbook Tuesday | A Wandering Eye: Travels with My Phone

Renowned Argentine photographer and bibliophile Miguel Flores-Vianna has followed up his wildly successful first book, ‘Haute Bohemians’ with a stunning second tome. This time around, in A WanderingEye: Travels with my Phone,’ published by Vendome Press, Miguel has expertly compiled some 250 of his most stunning images from his travels to 14 countries over 5 continents. But the really impressive part? All of these sharp, saturated, and stunning photos have been taken with an iPhone. There is no way you would guess that upon inspection of the delightfully colorful and crisp pages; it’s honestly incredibly inspiring and makes me want to do better with my own smart-phone photography.

The images are not categorized or broken up into divisive chapters, which I think perfectly creates the flow of one image to the next. And somehow Miguel perfectly pairs images on the opposing pages as well; hand-crafted intaglios are set next to a page of rounded stones (uncarved, touched only by natural forces), for example:

I had the honor to ask the author how he came to choose the brilliant order and pairings of these images, and he replied "I chose mostly guided by instinct. At times I wanted a photo to be followed by something completely different as the reader/viewer turned the page. I think that by doing so I had a good chance of keeping him/her engaged. As for the pages facing each other sometimes I chose contrast and at times I wanted the photos to complement each other." 

The full-bleed pictures are interrupted only a few times by small anecdotal notes or memories written by Miguel himself; somehow in a matter of two to three sentences he manages to transport you to the location of the image and give you a sense of the feeling he had when he was travelling there. After first thumbing through the book and viewing beautiful image after beautiful image, I thought to myself, ‘oh I wish I knew where each of these was taken!’ Well, of course he thought of that, and included is an extensive index of each image in the back of the book. 

If you are a design, photography, or travel lover, this book checks all the boxes. It is so inspiring and something guests will be guaranteed to pick up off of your coffee table and be captivated by. Put this one on your holiday list for all of your design & travel savvy friends as well! As you would expect from such a sought after photographer, Miguel’s Instagram is superior to the rest, so be sure to find him here. You can purchase your copy of ‘A Wandering Eye: Travels with my Phone,’ here



Delta Breumen said...

This is very creative! And man, the designs on some of ancients! Beautiful indeed.
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Kaiera Anderson said...

I have seen this! The portraits are soo cool and it seems live!
I wonder how much effort he put on this! I love to click to much on my shutter to capture good scenes but never been close to this kind of photography. So much joyful to read and watch. Thanks by the way! Kaira :-) Need any photo editing work, find me here : Clipping path service

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