Monday, September 14, 2015

Gender & Nursery Reveal!

The past few months have been chaotic, exciting, overwhelming ... I could go on and on! As I recently posted, we are expecting a little one in January and our home reno is in full swing. Put those two life-changing events together and it's a little crazy. But thank God, we are doing our best and taking each day in stride. I KNEW I wanted to find out baby's gender before their arrival - I'm the kind of person that likes to plan and have everything prepped, and the thought of decorating the nursery was enough for me to know I had to KNOW! So we promptly planned for a gender reveal party with our family ... only the first ultrasound baby was shy and we couldn't see! Off we went to a 3D ultrasound, had the tech put the gender into a sealed envelope so we couldn't see it in the impersonal/clinical space of the office, and took it to a cake-maker so we could be surprised together with loved ones.

Before I was super-obviously sporting a bump, I also planned a family session of photos with Yaletown Photography ... knowing that this would be the last time before our family grew, and last fleeting moments of just Nick and I as a couple. It's a strange thing to feel fearful of losing the only thing you know, but also knowing you are going to be gaining something beyond your wildest dreams.

Ok, back to the cake! I know I'm holding you in suspense here ...

Hello World cake topper via The Swank Social

The cake-dots on the inside were BLUE .... baby on the way is a BOY!

Truth? I already had a design plan in mind whether baby would have been a boy or girl :) And while I promise this blog will by no means be turning into a mommy/baby blog ... I think nursery décor is pretty fitting around here. It's something I've long thought of WAY before I was even ready to begin thinking about having children of my own. Here's my mood board so far:

Chandelier via Shades of Light | Fornasetti Nuvolette via DecoratorsBest | Vintage Roadster via Indigo | Crib via Dwell Studio | Leather bookends via Serena and Lily  | Artwork via RH | Pillows here, here, and here
I'd like to do one wall in the Fornasetti Nuvolette wallcovering, back in July I posted on my obsession with this paper and *hinted* that I would be using it in a special room :)

And finally, a mix of pillows will be a must, I'm liking the idea of a sofa instead of a rocking chair (thoughts?) piled with pillows! We haven't chosen a name yet, but when we do I can pick out an initial monogram pillow to add to the bunch ... So what do you think so far? And one thing I'd love is for you to chime in on what you think a baby NEEDS and must be included in the room ... I'm pretty clueless on that front! Thanks for reading through this lengthy post ;)


Unknown said...

Can't wait to meet baby boy. That Dwell Studio crib is awesome.

Stephanie | DecoratorsBest said...

Congratulations on your baby boy! The nursery is going to be stunning -- we love the idea of mixing Nuvolette with buffalo check. Can't wait to see it!

Kathysue said...

Congratulations and how exciting. I love to do childrens room even though all mine are grown I have a children's room pin board because it is just fun to do a child's room. I would have a rocker somewhere, a sofa sounds good looking and fun, but to be honest it won't be used as much as a comfy chair to sit with the baby. You might think of a place in the main part of your home for a rocking chair because you might like to be out in the main part of the house. Rocking a baby was my most precious time with my little one's and a moment I would give anything to get back. Enjoy doing an infants room you will be doing a toddler room around two and then around 5 a big boy room and then a teen room until off they go to college, so I always vote to do a sweet infants nursery, you only get to do your first nursery once. Enjoy the proces!!!!

Katy Byrne said...

AH! Nancy, I love it so much! It's perfect.

diane said...

Congratulations and what a sophisticated nursery that young man will have to grow up in! Love all your choices, in particular that buffalo check on the couch. Speaking of couches, the rocker is more for the baby than for the mommy and babies do love the rocking motion so I would opt for a rocker than can be replaced with a sofa down the road. And choose one high enough for you to lay your head back! I am doing a black and white wedding for my daughter and your ribbon is perfect...where did you find it? All we have been able to find is skinny stripes or an off-white burlap type ribbon with the stripes. Thanks and enjoy this time!

Tammie Burton said...

Nancy, what amazing, exciting, wonderful news! I'm a mom to two little boys and I love it more than anything! You're nursery mood board is sophisticated, serene, masculine....adorable! The family pictures came out beautifully. What a loving idea to have a rememberance of you and your honey before baby arrives. I won't lie, it gets crazy. May I suggest a rocker for the nursery? I had a rocker recliner in my boys' nursery and it got lots of use. Rocking them to sleep, nursing in privacy, a place to catch some zzz's but still be close if baby is sick. Once your little man is a bit older, he may love to crawl in the chair with you and read a book together. Those will be the best of times. Wishing you all the best as you move into this new chapter of your life. Motherhood is an incredible gift!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on your baby boy news! My twins turned eleven Monday (we have three boys in all) and it goes by so quickly. Enjoy the time while its just the two of you. Baby changes everything and its all good...just sometimes hard to remember that when you become sleep deprived. Funny I just wrote about all this sum what I said was the days are long and the years are short. Enjoy every minute God gives you even the sleepless nights :)

Personally I think you only need a crib, a dresser, and a rocking chair of some sort. We had two changing tables for our twins, one up and one down and honestly rarely used them for anything except storage. We either changed them on the sofa or bed or floor with a blanket underneath for "accidents"...a quality stroller (I had a thing for strollers and owned like six different types) like mcclaren and a car seat (I liked Britax) plus a bouncy seat would be what I would make sure I had if I did it again.

Love the periodic table art btw...I was a chemist in my life before kids. :)


Nancy said...

love the design board! I have been loving black and white buffalo check too - it is going to look amazing! Can't wait to see the finish!

Monica said...

So happy for you Nancy and dad to be...the love that is coming in January is like no other. Getting back to your choices i love the brown leather look with the gray paper and clouds that is really cool for a baby boys room. Now as for the rocker or sofa...i would have to lean for the rocker even up to three years of age especially when baby is not feeling good ..just sitting in that rocker and soothing your baby does help the both of you. Not sure if your room could accommodate both. Comfort is everything so i can't wait to see your nursery reveal.

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Hooray, it's a boy! Love love love the mood board you've put together for the nursery. It's sophisticated but warm and inviting, just like you ;) Though I love the idea of a sofa (great for laying down breastfeeding), I'd opt for the rocker if you're limited on space. I had a very utilitarian one in Chloe's nursery but it was super comfortable and some of my fondest newborn memories are sitting in that rocker, with a babe asleep on my chest. Just me and her, cozy in that chair. Now I'm getting all misty-eyed! Have fun planning the room! xo

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