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{my dining table}

I am so exciting about a recent addition to my dining room décor! Almost 3 years after moving in, I finally have a dining room table and I love it! I was on the hunt for a small sized round table (as my dining room is not that large), in a dark wood, and with a nice meaty base, here’s an example of a table I had been eyeing from Liberty:

This table was a bit out of my price range so I had to be patient! A couple of years later, this amazing table with similar styling popped up for literally less than 1/3 the price of the one that I had been coveting! Such a great deal…so I say it pays to be patient!! This table is from Sears, and it comes with a leaf to make it a larger oval shape when needed (bonus!):

And just look at the pretty base!

There in the background is our DIY aquarium that I posted about here, and just for fun, (and because everyone loves a good before and after!) here are a couple of before photos of the dining room before we purchased our home:

And now, aaahhh....much better:

We changed the flooring, painted, changed up the light fixtures, added baseboards and of course got rid of those crazy window treatments!

Here’s my little fur baby trying to get in on the picture taking action:

You can see we still have tons to do in here. I have so many plans in my head, but one slow step at a time. I can’t wait to reveal a fully finished dining room to you! Now I need dining chairs, and again I am on the hunt for a specific style, and trying really hard to be patient. Here are some dining rooms with the shape I am lovin’ right now:

The chair I am coveting most:

So yummy right?? The exact chair pictured above is the one I am lusting over, and it is not quite in my budget ($800 and up each, Liberty). There are several comparables, but I am waiting for a better deal to pop up! Here’s what I have found so far:

Restoration Hardware's Martine Chair ($349 and up)

Even Costco is carrying a chair in this lovely shape (and at a very reasonable price, $379 for 2) but if only there were fabric options!!!! Darn! I am dreaming of a velvety charcoal grey.

Has any one come across any similar chairs out there?? Well, for now, I am one step closer to a completed dining room with my yummy new table! Thanks for taking a peek! I'll be linking this post to Metamorphosis Monday's over at Between Naps on the Porch, be sure to head over there for some amazing before and afters!


Lana Kim White Austin said...

Great table and worth the wait!

Wonderful room re-do in general.

I'll think about the chair issue and get back to you.

Blessings to you,
Lana in Huntsville, AL

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

I love those chairs too! And I'm with you all the way about being patient when it comes to interiors. Why buy something that isn't just what you want? I'd rather sit on pillows on the floor for a year than buy "for now" solutions. Or better yet, get something really cheap from craigslist in the mean time.

Mel said...

Visiting from the party!

That is a very handsome table. I must say that I love the carpet and have the very same, in both sizes :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy! Oh, what a beautiful table you've found! I think your dining room is just beautiful. Your floors are gorgeous and I really like the little cut out area where you have your aquarium. Good luck in your chair search. Love the style.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Unknown said...

Fantastic ..I love a round table ....I'm using an old family dining room table until I figure out just how I want our dining room to look. For some reason, like you, this room may take three years to finish! Lovely!

Kathysue said...

Hi Nancy, You are a girl after my own heart, I will wait for what seems like forever to get what I really want and it really does always show up eventually at a price point I think it reasonable. Good luck on the chair hunt!! Kathysue

agreenearth said...

A beautiful table, especially love round tables, such a friendly way to entertain.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
Love your table and your area rug, good choices. What a transformation.
I agree with you it pays off to be patient. I have done so many fast purchases because they were cheep, more often than not regretted my decision.
Love the choice of chairs except the last one.
By the way I love your beautiful dog he is sooooooo cute.

Laura said...

I fully agree Nancy - that chair from Liberty is fantastic! When you sit in it, it feels like it's perfectly hugging your back - you and your guests could definitely sit there for hours having a blast.
I wish I could tell you where to find that Liberty chair at a reasonable price though...until then let's keep hunting. It'll turn up and the wait will be worth it!

Anonymous said...

The chairs are fabulous, especially the last ones with the pattern. I think I will have my ideal home set in ..just about I don't know..5 years time? Getting better at it though since I moved to the country and no longer live in a tiny apartment.

Vanessa@decor happy said...

What a great transformation already. Love the new table and the Restoration Hardware version of the chair in the beautiful linen. Looking forward to seeing the final results.

Barbara Matson said...

LOVE it - I just saw chairs like the ones you like from Liberty at the HomeSense in Langley!! I think they were around $190 each. I agree to get what you want it takes patience. I too agree with Margo and bought quick and cheap and regretted it.

Funny I have used Liberty as my inspiration, there was at similar dining table like mine at Liberty but 8x the price!! My $80 chandelier was an Liberty copycat as well!

Your dining room looks fantastic so far!

DesignTies said...

Nice table!! My DR sideboard should be arriving this week, so it looks like the race is on to see who's going to finish their dining room first!! ;-)

I've seen chairs like that at HomeSense. I can't say for sure, but they may have come in a grey chenille.

Happy shopping!!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

What a great table! I can't believe you found it at Sears? Did I read that right? It looks like a million bucks. Can't wait to see the chairs you put with it!

DesignTies said...

I'm loving your table, Nancy!! It's exactly the kind of thing I want for my dining room too... only hubby won't agree to ANY new furniture until we get our renovations done :-( which will be never :-( Woe is me.

As for chairs, the shape of the Liberty or Restoration Hardward chairs are the ones that I like the best out of what you've shared... and I think the Costco chairs have a very similar shape. You know... I'm not a Liberty fan simply because of their prices... so not worth some of the product I've seen there!! Anyway... I'm thinking you will likely have to recover anything you find so that you get the fabric and colour that you want. For that reason I'm liking the Costco chairs - 2 for the price of one of the other less expensive chairs!! Quality is important though... can you go to Costco to see them, or would they have to be purchased on-line? Costco has a fantastic return policy by the way.


P.S. I love this... said...

I came across some chairs that you may like:

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