Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One Room Challenge Week 3 | Nursery | Spring 2016

 Garnished Medallion Rug - Rugs USA | The Hound Artwork - anewall | Cast Brass Bin Pull - Lee Valley | Fly Artwork - anewall | Hudson's Bay Millenium Blanket
Things are beginning to come together in this handsome nursery, but I'm still feeling nervous that we are already in week 3! Don't forget I'm doing the ORC x 2, you can view my breakfast nook week 3 post here.

No major set backs but I'm having a wee bit of anxiety that the crib won't come in time - turns out in order to have it delivered to your nearest store location you have to go and purchase it in person, and with a 3 month old getting out of the house has been really tough! I've been relying so much on shipping to me for this ORC!!
Here is my checklist from last week with some quick updates:
  1. Purchase and frame art (I decided to go with a grouping of frames above the daybed, and ordered this, this, this and this from anewall - I'm so in love with their vintage vibe and I think the artwork is totally going to make the space!)
  2. Purchase and swap hardware on daybed (awaiting it's arrival)
  3. Purchase Hudson's Bay blanket (awaiting it's arrival)
  4. Get the pillow forms for all the daybed pillows
  5. Order the crib!! And crib bedding. Argh that one is kinda important!!
  6. Select and order a rug (awaiting this one from Rugs USA to arrive)
  7. Build the little vintage roadster
  8. Some DIY art, perhaps the doggie silhouette but of our own puppy!
  9. Consider adding a mobile above crib
I've got all the textiles now, and I'm just thrilled with the lovely Buffalo check and Parisian pillows from one of my favorite Etsy shops Old Lake George, totally the vibe I was going for and even with a little dose of French in there (since baby Marcus has French heritage on one side!). The cute little pom-poms on that massive grey pillow is going to be perfect as a floor throw pillow!
Please let there be no drama with the rest of the items coming in time!!! Eek. I'm anxious to hop over and see how everyone else is doing in week 3, head to Calling It Home to view all the posts!



Stacey said...

Absolutely love this!

Jaclyn | One Thousand Oaks said...

Your combination of textiles is perfect! I love the pom pom floor pillow!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, I just want to warn you that although the pulls from Lee Valley are gorgeous, the screws that come with them are terrible and each and every one I used for my kitchen drawers snapped. I still used the pulls but had to buy new screws from the local hardware store. Love your blog!

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