Thursday, April 28, 2016

One Room Challenge Week 4 | Nursery | Spring 2016

Well it scares me that I just typed Week 4 in the title of this post. I think I have to agree with Linda, host of the ORC, who says week 4 is the toughest. Not a ton completed, but still some important progress in our masculine nursery project. We (as in poor hubby) built the vintage-inspired roadster (above), and the hardware for the daybed drawers arrived (below) but has yet to be installed:

Oh and the really big deal? We ordered the crib on Sunday and it already arrived yesterday!!! Phew, I was so fearful that I'd be all embarrassed posting a nursery reveal without a crib!
Here is my checklist from last week with some quick updates:
  1. Purchase and frame art (I decided to go with a grouping of frames above the daybed, and ordered this, this, this and this from anewall - awaiting their arrival)
  2. Purchase and swap hardware on daybed (arrived and just need to do it!)
  3. Purchase Hudson's Bay blanket (awaiting it's arrival)
  4. Get the pillow forms for all the daybed pillows
  5. Order the crib!! And crib bedding. (arrived and requires assembly)
  6. Select and order a rug (awaiting this one from Rugs USA to arrive)
  7. Build the little vintage roadster
  8. Some DIY art, perhaps the doggie silhouette but of our own puppy!
  9. Consider adding a mobile above crib??? Not sure on this one!
Oh and of course the styling is going to be the fun part - I pit the books out on the shelves including a couple of 'vintage' ones from my childhood. Hope there will be lots of nights of reading and cuddling with my little guy in this room for years to come :)
Hop here for my breakfast nook update, and of course check out what's happening with the rest of this amazing ORC group here.



Seeking Lavender Lane said...

Looking pretty! Such a great color scheme and details so far!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

The room is looking so good Nancy! I like the simplicity of the crib and all the personal details are really going to make this room special.

Barbara Matson said...

I love how it is all coming together! And that book does look good on the shelf!

Vel Criste said...

Everything going into this nursery is just Tre's chic! Can't wait!

celine@aquahaus said...

This is going to be such a dreamy, cozy, chic nursery. Dying.

Hey said...

That roadster is adorable!!! What a sweet addition to your space.

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